Writing this blog has been messy and merry. I’ll miss it.

lipstick outside mouth

August 18, 2016 Dear subscribers and readers: This is a love letter. Whether you’re a subscriber or someone who has popped in occasionally to read what the heck I’m going on about, I love that you’ve made the… Read More

Dishing on Fitz: Baby gourmet

fitz sushi

“What’s that?” I ask my son-in-law as he places a small tin of what looks like cement on Fitz’s high-chair tray. “Hummus,” Matt replies. “He loves it.” I watch my 17-month-old grandson pinch a cracker between his thumb… Read More

What not to wear: Are dress codes out-of-fashion?


A former male colleague once had the unenviable task of addressing a highly uncomfortable issue: confronting one of his employees about her excessive use of perfume. He’d avoided the conversation for weeks, months even. But he couldn’t duck… Read More

There, they’re, their: is it possible to soothe the grammar geek?

Office Space_ Woman writing

“When do you capitalize the days of the week other than at the beginning of a sentence?” That’s a real question, asked of me by a participant attending a “Business Writing for Results” workshop I co-facilitate with my colleague,… Read More

Most top 10 lists just feed the reptile

man lizard

I can’t remember when exactly I noticed the creeping, insidious trend spreading like a super bug on the world wide web. Letterman parlayed it into his signature comedic stunt but then everyone and their penguin jumped on the… Read More