All about me

I stand accused of being long-winded and slow to get to the point. I’m the quintessential “why use one word when 10 are available” type of communicator. I put this flap-jawed flaw down to the storyteller in me: I love to create context – even suspense – to spin a yarn. And a good story just takes awhile to construct.

IMG_2036So I created this blog as my personal sandbox where I can build small castles or big ones, as the spirit – and stories – move me. I’m enjoying mixing the grit of whimsy, humour, just-because and good old storytelling in this forum. I welcome your feedback and suggestions for topics.

Oodles of gratitude and a pre-emptive apology to the people who show up in my stories – unwittingly, unasked and without their permission.

In no particular order, some stuff I like and don’t like…

Stuff I like:

  • Saying Bunawonder  (a wee town in Ireland)
  • Getting a handwritten card in the mail.
  • Gingers – people with red hair, freckles and green eyes.
  • When my new friend from China says wonderfully ESL things like, “Please take some carrots in the garden. They are all grown up now.”
  • Crosswords, but not the really hard Saturday ones.
  • Peonies (in addition to being a pretty flower, it’s about the only one I know by name. All others are “colourful, sticky-up things”)
  • Seeing lots and lots of customers in my son’s store.
  • When people say I read your blog and it made me laugh. photo
  • Celtic stuff.
  • My son-in-law’s wickedly delicious – chockablock caloric – salted caramel ice cream (aka “orgasm in a bowl”).
  • Dr. Ken Robinson talking about – anything!
  • The late, great King of the one liners, Lenny Briscoe from “Law & Order” (e.g.“I specifically asked for him to be put on suicide watch. Apparently here at Riker’s, that mean they watch you commit suicide.”)
  • Walking the moors in Wales, accompanied by 1,000 sheep.
  • Irish and Scottish accents.
  • Gay men working in the cosmetics section at a department store.
  • Finding $5 in the pocket of a coat I haven’t worn for awhile.
  • Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Imagining that for someone, somewhere in the world, today is the most amazing day of their life.
  • Penguins: they only have one mate their entire life and “propose” by giving their mate a pebble.
  • Walking the ‘hood with Steve and Skye.
  • Saturday brunches with Trudy.
  • The word “Schadenfreude”.

Stuff I don’t like:

  • Bad grammar (yes, I’m silently judging you)
  • Dirty fingernails
  • Giant mustaches and bushy sideburns (I am referring to men here. I don’t dislike women with excessive, elaborate facial hair – but I feel sorry for them.)
  • Phone calls during dinner.
  • Men who spit in the pool and women who cut their toenails in the change room.
  • People who say, “I could care less” and “irregardless” (see “I’m silently judging you”, above).
  • People who text or talk on the phone while with a real live person at a coffee shop or restaurant.
  • Trophy hunters.
  • People who don’t hold doors open for the person behind them.
  • Horror films.
  • tim22Bumper stickers.
  • Being ignored.
  • That I am completely tone-deaf and mouth the national anthem so as not to offend.
  • People who can go into a thrift shop and find a perfect outfit for like six bucks.
  • The effects of Schadenfreude.